Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Good woodworking plans are a roadmap to success

Every woodwork project needs a good set of woodworking plans.

Creating professional woodwork projects is a little like driving to the middle of New York city to enjoy a star attraction. Like you plan and prepare for a vacation trip, all woodwork projects take some planning.

No sane person would take a New York car trip without having

· First learnt to drive a car

· Found a car to drive

· Gained lots of experience driving (county roads first),

· Found a clear map

· Studied the map

· Got some advice

o chatted with the locals or at least someone who has been there

o obtained some assistance from a friendly GPS

· Follow the map road by road, turn by turn until

· You arrive at your destination.

· You take photos to show off your trip to others and to remember the journey

Every successful woodworker starts the same way – with good wood plans! A successful woodworker, novice or professional needs to

· Learn some basic skills,

· Obtain the equipment

· Practice on little woodwork projects

· Find great woodworking patterns that

o Are easy to read

o Have easy step by step woodworking plan instructions

o Have helpful pictures

· Study the woodworking plans

· Get some advice

o Talk with experienced woodworkers about your woodwork project

o Subscribe to woodworking magazines (they have heaps of woodworking plans)

o Use the Woodworking forums

o Get some expert tips (these can be emailed to you daily)

o Watch an instructional wood working plan video

· Follow the wood plans directions step by step until

· Your woodwork project is complete!

o Show off your marvelous woodwork projects to your friends

o Remember the journey

Find professional woodworking patterns, clear wood working plans and instructions, follow them step by step, get some good advice, enjoy your completed woodwork projects and the journey!

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