Saturday, March 8, 2014

Build Your Own Shed With These 5 Crucial Tips
There a many reasons for you to need a shed in your yard. You may have a lot of gardening tools, lawn grooming equipment, and other tools that you don’t have room for in your house. Too many outdoor toys can be another reason to have a shed. You could also need a place to park all the bicycles that your family has. But some of the ready-made sheds can be quite expensive. They can run $500 or more in cost. You can save money though and build your own shed.

Critical Tip 1

The first thing you have to do is scope out the yard and choose a spot to place your shed. You will be building the shed on site after all. Figure out what size shed will go in that spot. Will a shed measuring 10 feet x 10 feet fit just perfect? It would for my yard!

Critical Tip 2

Go buy the right plans to follow to put your shed together. Make sure the plans are detailed enough to show you all the materials and tools you will need to finish it. Sometimes you can find kits that have all pre-cut materials ready to build.

Critical Tip 3

If you are just buying blueprints you will need to buy your lumber too. Make sure that your lumber is pressure treated so that it will stand up to the weather outdoors. You may buy some extra lumber just in case you make a mistake cutting it to size. How many times have you made a mistake and not had an extra piece of lumber to use? This has happened to me too many times so now I always buy a few extra pieces. Also at this stage make sure you have all the tools you will need to build your own shed with. You may want to shop for the paint too that you will need to finish the shed with.

Critical Tip 4

Cut all your lumber to size before starting to build the shed. This saves you so much time in the assembly process. You can now just start building without having to start and stop to saw the lumber to size.

Critical Tip 5

Build the frame of the floor first, and then attach sheets of plywood to make the floor. Then measure diagonally from corner to corner, and then do the opposite corners diagonally too to see if it is square. This is so important because if the floor is not square, the whole shed will not be square. Now you can move on with putting up the walls and other parts of the shed together.


Along with following these 5 crucial tips make sure you have sufficient help for this project. This is a great family project because everyone can help in some way. Whether it be hold the lumber in place to be nailed or painting the finished project. This can make the whole family proud that you decided to build your own shed!

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