Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Free Storage Shed Plans – The Advantages & Disadvantages

If you need more storage space but your budget won’t stretch enough to purchase one, building one yourself using free storage shed plans is one option you may want to consider. Plans are available for download on a many websites and generally include instructions for building and a list of material needed. But are these free plans your best option?

The main advantage of these shed plans is financial. Purchasing a prefabricated storage shed can easily cost you several hundred dollars, if not more, and you still have to put it together. Even the fully assembled sheds usually found at home improvement stores come with a high price tag. Custom designed plans generally start at a couple hundred and go up in price depending on the amount of customization you want. By working with a free plan and providing the labor yourself, you save money.

One of the main disadvantages of free storage shed plans is that they are generally pretty basic, providing only the instructions and a materials list. They often fail to provide information on selecting the best site for your shed, the proper foundation, and how to set the shed up with water or electricity. Custom plans are generally drawn by architects, who take into account these factors and include them in their design.

The most common free shed plans you will find online are the ones for an 8×10 Gable shed plan, garden shed or pump house storage. The Gable shed is a popular choice because it is built on skids, making it movable. It has a corrugated iron roof and plywood walls. The garden shed is a good choice for gardeners as it is usually large enough to store mowers and other garden tools. The pump storage plan will help you store pumps or motors in an easily accessible way.

Free plans are generally indicated as economy or deluxe. Economy plans are a good option for those with a smaller budget. Deluxe plans tend to use more expensive materials such as vinyl siding instead of the wood siding found in economy plans.

Before you begin your search for a shed plan, whether free or paid, it’s important to plan ahead. Scout your property to find a good location. Give some consideration to the best size and shape for your needs. Determine your budget for materials. Decide if electricity or water supply to your storage shed is a necessity.

Once you find your plan, make sure it has all the information you will need. Some free shed plans include only a general outline, while others are more detailed. You don’t want to figure out halfway through the project that you need a specific bracket that the plans didn’t mention or that the plans were only for the shed and not the foundation.

So are free storage shed plans your best option? If you take the time to ensure the plan fits your needs and has all the necessary information, these plans can aid you in getting a storage shed without blowing your budget.

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